Luau Cake Idea for a Hawaiian Birthday Celebration

luau cake idea for birthday party with grass skirt cake stand | personalized cake toppers by Avalon Sunshine

Aloha & welcome to the birthday luau!

Tropical party and luau supplies are all over the stores in the summertime because it's such a fun party theme! 

I have a couple of simple and unique ideas to decorate your luau birthday cake!

If you're here for the cake topper, here's a quick link to shop.  

Hawaiian Birthday cake topper | personalized cake toppers by Avalon Sunshine

If you're here for the how-to style details, here we go!

First naked cake stand!  Let's put a grass skirt on that girl.


Luau Cake Ideas with grass skirt and cake topper | Avalon Sunshine 
I used a child size grass skirt from Party City and a multi-pack of leis.  This will work with just about any cake stand that you have at home. 

Grass skirt for Luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine 
My crafting style is to make things up as I go, so I cut the skirt to be a bit longer than the distance from the plate of the cake stand down to the table, knowing I would trim it again. If you're super-precise, you can measure and just cut once.  

Grass skirt for luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine

You can tell it won't quite go all the way around the cake stand but that's totally ok because nobody will see the back.  If your cake will be situated where the back is visible, you might need to use 2 grass skirts to go all the way around. 

Grass skirt for luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine

Then I used my favorite Scotch double sided tape and taped the grass skirt directly to the cake stand.  So easy! 

Grass skirt for luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine

Then give the grass skirt a little trim so it's the right length to just reach the table.

Grass skirt and flower lei for luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine 
Next, The flower lei!  You will need to cut it so it can go around in a single layer. 

Flower Lei for luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine 
It was hard to take pics of this part, but here's a little trick to cut the lei without all the little flowers and bits falling off the string. 
  • Fold a piece of tape directly over the string so the tape sticks to itself.  
  • Using scissors, cut down the middle of the piece of tape, also cutting through the string
  • You will end up with one long string of flowers with a piece of tape at each end holding all the pieces on the string. 

grass skirt and flower lei for luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine

Now do the same thing that you did with the grass skirt.  Using double sided tape, attach the lei to the cake stand. 

Like the grass skirt, one lei doesn't reach all the way around my cake stand, but it doesn't matter because nobody will see the back. You can always use 2 leis if it's important for the back of the cake stand to look good. 
grass skirt and flower lei for luau cake idea | Avalon Sunshine

Now the cake stand looks ready to hula!  Let's make a plain cake into a LUAU CAKE!  In less than a minute, you can decorate any cake with no decorating skills and make it look ready for a Hawaiian theme party! 

This personalized cake topper set is just ADORABLE with the 2-tier banner and little tiki masks!  All you have to do is stick the topper pieces into the cake.  

Hawaiian Birthday Cake Topper | personalized cake toppers by Avalon Sunshine

To finish of your cake table decor, there's nothing better than some fresh tropical fruit! Pineapples, mangos, dragonfruit, bananas!  You can eat it after the party, so there's no waste...even better! 

A little tropical greenery underneath and a flower lei draped around the fruit add some extra fun. 

Hawaiian Luau Party Decorations

Here it is, summarized in 3 easy steps:
  1. Cake stand with a grass skirt
  2. Plain cake with the cutest cake topper in the world
  3. Fruity accessories

Nothing difficult or time consuming.  Not full of plastic junk that you will need to throw away after the party. Just festive, tropical fun!  

Hawaiian Luau Cake Topper

Mahalo for visiting Avalon Sunshine! 

Avalon Sunshine cake toppers are the easiest way to decorate your cake without any stress or decorating skills.  They work great for traditional and non-traditional cakes...home-baked and store bought cakes. LET'S CELEBRATE! 

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