About Avalon Sunshine

Your heart is so full of love for your children that it could burst out of you, like confetti from a popper!

You want parties you throw to reflect that love.  But not with an over-the-top, wedding-budget kind of kids party.

You want gifts you give to show that love.  But not with a passing-fad toss-it-in-the-toybox-and-forget-it kind of gift.

You want time you spend with your kids to demonstrate that love.  But not with a complicated, stressful, buy-all-the-things, max-the-credit-card kind of time.


I believe the best way to be an awesome mom is to celebrate everyday moments and special occasions by spending time together, having fun, and laughing.  Parties can be festive without a lot of fuss and little moments together make memories that last forever. 

Erica and familiy

That’s me and my two boys. They are the reason I do what I do.  Everything I make for the shop comes from my desire to create little moments we can cherish - in the easiest way possible.  Because fun shouldn’t be complicated.  It’s the simple things in life that are the most enjoyable for everyone 


Before Avalon Sunshine, I had a high-stress project manager job, dealing with irrational people and impossible deadlines.  I always left the office at 5:00 so I could spend a few precious hours with my kids before I tucked them into bed. Then I worked late into the night, just to keep my head above water for work the next day.  I was miserable.  One early summer evening, I took my kids to the park and they were giddy to find their friends were there too.  It was a quintessential summer night: kids were running and laughing, moms were chatting, the perfect breeze was blowing and everyone was carefree.  Except me.  All I could think about was getting home and putting the kids to bed so I could do more work.  That was the turning point for me.  Life was passing by and I was missing the fun.   

Avalon Sunshine Studio

I quit my job with a vow to put sparkle back into my days and be the mom that I wanted to be.  Although I'm outnumbered by boys, I painted the basement walls of my home bubblegum pink and created a studio space. My street is named for the legendary island paradise of Avalon, and that little pink workspace quickly became my paradise.  I decided I wanted to help other busy moms create fun memories, because I know how difficult that can be with our fast-paced lives.  In 2014 I launched Avalon Sunshine and the sun keeps shining while I create handmade playthings and party decorations for your little ones. 

Love & Sunshine,


 P.S. I love to work with other handmade shops, small businesses and bloggers!  Send me an email if you have an idea how we could work together! erica@avalonsunshinehq.com