Simple Cake Decorating for a Dog Themed Birthday Party

dog theme party cake with m&m paw prints | personalized cake toppers by Avalon Sunshine

A cake perfectly fit for your next Dog Pawty! If you're looking for a delicious way to add a little design to your dog themed cake, this idea is going to be just the thing you need!

dog with paw print mms animation

You'll want to pick up a bag of almond M & M's as well as a bag of regular M & M's to create the paw prints around the cake. Pick out the colors you like or use all of the colors to create this adorable print!

colored m & ms    colored m & ms

Once you've gotten them sorted, you will go ahead and start adding them to the side of the cake applying light pressure to help them stick! Add your cake topper and viola, you're ready to pawty! 

Puppy Cake

  Dog cake topper

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Puppy themed birthday cake 

Avalon Sunshine cake toppers are the easiest way to decorate your cake without any stress or decorating skills.  They work great for traditional and non-traditional cakes...home-baked and store bought cakes.  Find a bunch of simple and fun decorating ideas here, then go plan the best party ever!

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