Party Guide for an Easy Baseball Birthday Party

baseball party theme supplies | personalized cake toppers by Avalon Sunshine

Do you have a little boy who loves baseball? This baseball themed birthday party guide has everything you need to knock it out of the park! Plus, all of these items are from small shops so you can feel good about supporting them!


custom baseball shirts

Deck out your own family team with these customized baseball t-shirts from Shining Pearl Clothing! You are able to customize the number on the shirt as well as the color.


Baseball birthday balloons

These baseball balloons from Basically Balloonz make a great addition to your cake table or even outside tied to your deck! You can customize the number to fit how ever old your child is.

            Popcorn bag    hot dog

When you think of baseball, do you also think of hot dogs and popcorn? I know I do! This iconic popcorn box from Chariot Popcorn Co. and hot dog foil bag from Copper Penny DE would be such cute detail to add to your party. Plus, these foods are super simple!

Custom baseball themed cake topper

Baseball cake topper

Step up your cake game with this custom Baseball Cake Topper by Avalon Sunshine! Add your little one's name and choose from 20 different colors!

Baseball birthday party invitation

You've got the decor, now it's time to send out the invitations! This baseball ticket phone invitation by Handtastic is super quick to use and send out. Don't waste time with stamps, addresses and the post office.

Autograph sign

Prop this Autograph sign by Deerly Designed next to the cake, drop a baseball and a sharpie for a sweet keepsake for your little one to have for years to come! 


Throwing a birthday party is fun but can also be intimidating or overwhelming to put everything together. This guide is to take the stress off of your plate with the ultimate list of handpicked items to pull everything together! 

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