Party Plan for a Girly Pink Dinosaur Party

pink dinosaur party supplies | Personalized cake toppers by Avalon Sunshine

Avalon Sunshine Party Plan!

Avalon Sunshine Party Plans take the work out of planning your party! 

Keep scrolling for a curated collection of party supplies for a Girly Dinosaur Theme party. I already scoured the web for the best supplies from small businesses so you can feel good about shopping small while putting together the best party!   

1.  Dinosaur Centerpieces from Fancy Celebration

Pink and yellow dinosaur party decorations for girly dinosaur party

These adorable girly dinosaur party centerpieces are from Fancy Celebration! Add these around your food table to sprinkle some dino fun throughout your party area!

 2.  Personalized Dinosaur Cake Topper from Avalon Sunshine

girly dinosaur cake topper personalized with name | cake topper by Avalon Sunshine

Kids love to see their name on things!  Personalized feels so special!  This cake topper has 20 color options to pick from and you can add it to any homemade cake or grocery store cake.  

Pink Dinosaur personalized cake topper | Avalon Sunshine

 3.  Balloons from Anaya Treasures AZ & Lemon Lime Lagoon


 pink dinosaur balloonpink flower balloon

Every party needs some balloons! I love to mix and match a few different bigger balloons with the cheaper solid colored balloons. This Pink Dinosaur from Anaya Treasures AZ and Pink Flower from Lemon Lime Lagoon go together perfectly!

4.  Personalized Dinosaur T-Shirt from Kids Party Works

 Dinosaur t shirt

Another stress free option for the Dinosaur Birthday Party? A cute customized Dinosaur t-shirt by Kids Party Works.  Have your little one looking adorable for those party pics!

5.  Dinosaur Tattoos from xoFetti

Dinosaur temporary tattoos

Kids love little favors and these cute Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos from xoFetti are no exception! They are an inexpensive way to incorporate the theme into a little takeaway.  

6.  Dinosaur Party Invitations from Little Prints Parties

girly dinosaur birthday party invitation 

Last but not least, invitations! You can easily edit these pink and perfect invitations from Little Prints Parties. You can print and mail or keep it simple and email or text your personalized invitation! 


Throwing a birthday party is fun but can also be overwhelming to put everything together. This guide is to take the stress off of your plate with the ultimate list of handpicked items to pull everything together! LET'S CELEBRATE! 

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