Everything You Need for a Party Animal Theme Birthday

party animal theme birthday supplies  | Personalized cake toppers by Avalon Sunshine

Do you ever scroll Pinterest and get overwhelmed with how to put together a cute but not overly expensive birthday party? Me too! I love when a party has a cute theme but isn't too overdone. If you're like me, you'll love this Party Animal themed supply list I've created!

Party Animal Cake Topper


This beautiful Party Animal Cake Topper from Avalon Sunshine is simple to use and adorable for photos. Plus, it's available in 20 different color combinations so it'll easily fit the color scheme you're working with! 

Party Animal Cake Topper Button

Animal Balloons

I love the Tiger and Zebra balloon from Ohh How Charming! The animal balloons add adorable detail to other balloons that you put together. They can be paired together or used separately throughout your home! 

Animal Print Wrapping Paper

This gorgeous Animal Print Wrapping Paper from Mellowworks is so versatile. You can use it to wrap gifts, cut it into rectangles for placemats or even cut a longer strip for a table runner! I love the rich colors of this print! 

Party Animal Digital Invite

If you're looking to simplify your party planning, this Party Animal Electronic Birthday Party Invite from Inky Pinky Party is a great fit! You can text these right to those you're inviting to the birthday party!

Party Hats for toy animals

 You can add these Mini Party Hats from Chiarabelle to animals you already have at home or cheap ones you can find on Amazon or in a dollar store! 

Party Animal temporary tattoo

What child doesn't love a temporary tattoo?! These Jungle Temporary Tattoos from xoFetti are a great addition to your goodie bag or a fun activity for the kids to do while they are waiting for the cake! 

Party Animal Favor Tags

Do you hand your guests a little something as they leave? I love the Party Animal Favor Tags from Design My Party Studio paired with something like a bag of animal crackers! 


Throwing a birthday party is fun but can also be intimidating or overwhelming to put everything together. This guide is to take the stress off of your plate with the ultimate list of handpicked items to pull everything together! 



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