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Little Cutie Baby Shower Cake Topper

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When you're celebrating a Little Cutie baby shower or  birthday, this is the perfect cake topper to add to your cake!  It will make any homemade or store-bought cake party ready in just a couple of minutes.  There's no easier way to make your cake match your Cutie theme!

    Product Specifications

    •Two-tier cake topper with wording: LITTLE CUTIE
    •White paper flags with orange letters and sticks topped with orange beads
    •Choose between white, light blue or light pink tassels
    •Shipped to you flat and fully assembled

    •Bamboo sticks for the banner are 12” tall.
    •Each flag is approx. 1" wide.
    •Shown on a 9” round cake


    Cake toppers take 1-3 days to make and delivery takes 2-4 days. If you're still not sure, send me a message using the contact form and include your zip code. I'll reply with an expected delivery date.

    Paper flags can be customized to almost any color. Letters and ribbon tassels have limited color options.  If you want a color you don't see in the shop, send me a message using the contact form before placing an order.

    A cake topper with one row of letters will fit any size cake. The sticks will just have to go into the cake at an angle to give the letters enough room to spread out. Your cake topper will come with a tip card showing how to make your cake topper look its best.

    A two-row cake topper on a small cake can get a little trickier if the name is long (SUPER ALEXANDER on a 6" cake) If you are concerned, send a message using the contact form. Include the size of your cake and the name for reference.

    Unfortunately, we don't offer 3 rows. A 3rd row will be too close to the top of the cake or possibly touching the frosting.