Cake Gallery: Lego Party Cake the Easy Way!

Cake Gallery:  Lego Party Cake the Easy Way!
LEGOs....the toy with endless possibilities!  They even make great party decorations for a LEGO-themed birthday celebration! 
Personalized Lego Cake Topper
You really don't need a tutorial for this because it's just that simple.  A LEGO staircase leading from the table, up to the top of the cake and all the minifigures are on their way up to get some cake.  It couldn't be any easier! 
Personalized Lego cake topper
Another simple idea is to use LEGO bricks to create stand-up letters.   Here, I spelled LEGO, but you could spell PARTY, the child's name, or a number for the age they are turning.  
You may notice that I left out the brown, black and grey LEGO bricks.  I did that just to keep it bright and cheerful.  
Personalized Lego Cake topper
Above all else, get creative and have fun with it.  That's what LEGOs are all about! 

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Personalized Lego cake topper

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