The Easiest Bluey Birthday Ideas For Real Life

Bluey Birthday Cake Idea with personalized cake topper and Blue figures on top

Avalon Sunshine Party Plan!

Avalon Sunshine Party Plans take the work out of planning your party! 

Keep scrolling for a curated collection of party supplies for a Bluey theme party. I already scoured the web for the best supplies from small businesses so you can feel good about shopping small while putting together the best party!   

Who doesn't love Bluey? It's a whole vibe! Silly & sweet with a small side of life lessons. Sounds like a great birthday party theme! 

1.   Bluey Invitations from Oscar Digital Art 

Bluey Birthday Party Invitation - digital version

Set the mood for your Bluey party with this adorable invitation from Oscar Digital Art. Purchase then personalize your party details in Canva. Then you can either text it to your invitees or print and mail the invitations.  

2.  Bluey Birthday Shirt from Moments of Fabulous

Bluey Birthday tshirt personalized with name

Bingo and Bluey are ready to party! Moments of Fabulous makes the perfect t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl to wear for a Bluey themed birthday party. Personalization with the name and age adds such a special touch with lots of shirt colors to pick from. 

3.  Bluey Balloons from BOBO Party Supplies

Bluey Balloons for Bluey birthday party


No party is complete without balloons!  BOBO Party Supplies has the perfect Bluey & Bingo balloon set that can be filled with air or helium to decorate your party space.  

4.  Personalized Cake Topper from Avalon Sunshine

Blue birthday cake topper personalized with name for Bluey Birthday party | cake topper by Avalon Sunshine
Avalon Sunshine has a personalized name cake topper in the PERFECT colors to match a Bluey Party.  If you already have the Heeler family figures in your toy bin, add them to your plain cake and you're ready to party!  If you don't have them, they make a great gift that does double-duty as a decoration. 
Bluey Birthday Cake Topper personalized with name for Bluey Birthday Party | personalized cake topper by Avalon Sunshine
Every kid loves to see their name on things.  A personalized cake topper adds a new level of special without making any extra work. No decorating skills required! 

5.  Bluey Party Cups from Party Cup Shop 

Bluey plastic cups for Bluey birthday party


These Bluey & Family plastic party cups are the perfect way to serve drinks at your Bluey Birthday Party! Party Cup Shop has the option to add lids and straws so you can decide what's best based on your party guests.  Or, they would make a cute way to serve snacks too! 

6.  Bluey Activity Sheet from Oscar Digital Art

Personalized coloring placemat for Bluey birthday party
Oscar Digital Prints has this printable Bluey Activity Sheet that's perfect for a Bluey Birthday Party.  The text is editable in Canva to make it personalized. Every kids party needs an activity to calm down the vibe and this is it! Crayons, pencils and this activity sheet! 

7.  Pin the Tail on Bluey from Play Haus Design Co

Pin the Tail on Bluey party game for Bluey birthday party
The classic party game, but make it BLUEY themed! It's so simple, but always gets kids giggling!  The printable download from Play Haus Design Co comes with 3 different designs to pick from and 3 different sizes.  

8.  Bluey Party Game from Hampers and Trinkets

Bluey Birthday party game - Long Dog

Another simple but fun Bluey Themed party game! It's a printable Long Dog Hide & Seek Game from Hampers and Trinkets. Just like the Hidden Mickeys in the Disney universe, there are long dogs hidden in Bluey episodes and books.  Now your party guests can search for Long Dogs at your Bluey themed birthday party!  So fun!  

9.  Bluey Keepy Uppy Party Favors from The Burlap Bay

Bluey Keepy Uppy Balloon party favor for Bluey birthday party

Kids have been playing this game as long as balloons have existed, but Bluey and Bingo gave it the official name of Keepy Uppy.  You can send your party guests home with this sweet little party favor from The Burlap Bay. The kids can keep the Bluey-style fun going after the party ends.


Throwing a birthday party is fun but can also be overwhelming to put everything together. This guide is to take the stress off of your plate with the ultimate list of handpicked items to pull everything together! LET'S CELEBRATE! 

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