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Dessert inspiration with Avalon Sunshine cake toppers

Animals with Party Hats! 

Fancy sculpted fondant animals are nice, but grabbing a plastic animal from the toy box for the top of your cake is 9 million times easier!  To prevent a heavy animal from sinking into the cake, I went back to the toys and got a little plate from the play kitchen and put this on top of the cake before covering it with frosting.  That gave the heavy gorilla a sturdy place to stand.  

And those party hats.....aren't they cute!  It took about 3 minutes to make each one.  I got the party hat pattern here

animals with party hats


Star Wars Jedi Master Cake

There's nothing to the cake decorating on this one. Just plain white frosting.  The magic is in the Stormtrooper marshmallow pops.  I was inspired by this blog post from Catch My Party and the little guys couldn't be easier to make!  Marshmallows, edible marker (I used Wilton brand) and lollipop sticks.  Make a whole army of them! Stick some in the cake and serve more along side.  

Star Wars Jedi Master Cake

Keebler Frosted Cookies

I love sharing cake decorating ideas that require absolutely zero decorating skills.  This one is awesome because those frosted animal cookies are soooo yummy! And they have a healthy dose of sprinkles...my favorite food group.  There isn't much to explain.  Just frost the cake and place the cookies where you want them.  Done. 

frosted animal cookies


Rice Krispie Cake: So fast and easy! 

It doesn't get much easier than this!  And just about everybody like Rice Krispie Treats!  You don't even have to turn on the oven to make this cake!  I doubled the recipe printed on the cereal box and pressed the treats into two 10" round pans.  I sprayed the pans with non-stick cooking spray first and they popped right out.  It took about 15 minutes do make and decorate this cake. 20 minutes if you count washing the dishes.  And that cake topper really makes it extra-special! 

Cake Gallery - Rice Krispy Cake

Cake for Breakfast? 

Do you celebrate birthdays from wake-up-time til bedtime?  What a fabulous way to kick-off the morning celebration!  A cake topper in your pancake stack...with sprinkles, of course! 

Birthday Pancakes with Cake Topper

Not Just for Traditional Cakes

Avalon Sunshine Cake Toppers look great on trifle desserts too!  Layered desserts in a trifle dish always look pretty.  A cake topper with your wording makes it even more festive.  CELEBRATE! 

Trifle Cake Topper with Cubs Cake Topper

The Donut Cake

Maybe you like to start out a birthday with a frosting-and-sprinkle-filled breakfast! Or maybe you love donuts so much that you choose donuts instead of cake.  Either way...a cake topper turns donuts into a celebration! Made with one dozen donuts. 

Donut Cake with Cake Topper

Naked Cake: The Unfrosted Trend

If you're a "less-is-more" kind of person when it comes to frosting, you probably love the trend for naked cakes.  Whether your naked cake is adorned with fruit or flowers, a cake topper is a great way to add to the celebration without adding any more frosting. 

Naked Cake

Harry Potter Cake

The scarf is made from Fruit Roll-ups. The Golden Snitch is a Ferrero Rocher candy with printed clip art wings.  The wand is a chocolate dipped pretzel rod with silver sprinkles.
Gryffindor Cake

Teen Titans & Sprinkles Cake

My favorite shortcut to making a special kids birthday cake it to add toy action figures of the birthday kid's favorite cartoon or movie.  They double as a gift after the cake is eaten.  And SPRINKLES!  Forget "less is more".  Always more sprinkles! 
Teet Titans

Donut & Pink Cake

I see amazing cakes all over my Instagram feed and Pinterest feed every day.  I combined some really simple ideas into my own version of a mish-mash decorated cake.  That pink-firey-looking thing is leftover candy melts in various colors poured onto wax paper and swirled together with sprinkles on top.  Super-easy. And who wouldn't want a donut on top of their cake?  

Unicorn Cake with cake topper

Smash Cake for 1st Birthday

Single row cake toppers even work on little cakes!  It would be perfect for a 1st birthday smash cake photo shoot!  This is a regular size cake topper on a 6" round cake.  Just insert the sticks at an angle instead of vertical and it fits great! 
first birthday smash cake