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Funshine Library 004: Crayon Leaf Rubbing

Funshine Library 004:  Crayon Leaf Rubbing

I know this project has been done pretty much since crayons were invented, but just a reminder to make crayon leaf rubbings with your kids if you haven't done it recently.  All you need are paper, crayons and a couple of leaves.  It works best when you peel the paper off the crayon and rub with the side of the crayon.  Sometimes the most simple things can bring out amazement in the eyes of a child. And the beauty of nature never gets old.   The Funshine Library has kid-tested activities to help you enjoy little moments with your kids....

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Funshine Library 003: Simple Balloon Fun

Funshine Library 003:  Simple Balloon Fun

Never underestimate the potential fun in a simple balloon. No helium required. I’m always amazed how long my kids can play with a balloon. Blow it up and don’t tie the end, then let it go and watch it fly, and laugh every time. How long can you keep it off the ground? How many times can you bounce it back and forth with a partner? Rub it on your head and stick it to the wall. It's even better when the kids start to invent their own games involving pillow-jumping and hot lava, or balloon-eating monsters.  Let your imaginations...

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Funshine Library 002: Animal Guessing Game

Funshine Library 002:  Animal Guessing Game

It has entertained us through hundreds of meals and car rides. Seriously. One person thinks of an animal and doesn’t tell anyone. Other players ask questions about the animal that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Keep going until someone guesses the animal. Easy, right? But my kids love it and never get tired of playing it.  The game has grown with the kids too. It started with basic questions and common animals. Now they try to think of exotic animals and ask questions like…. Is the animal native to Australia? Is it oviparous? You may need to help...

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Funshine Library 001: Monster Mash-Up

Funshine Library 001:  Monster Mash-Up

In my house, we call this activity Monster Mash-up and it is so simple!  You can even do it at a restaurant while you wait for the food to come and the kids are getting unruly.  One person draws a monster part, then passes the paper to the next person who adds the next part. Continue until your monster is complete. My kids were almost late for school this morning because they didn't want to stop playing. I think you'll especially love this because your child might try to draw a monkey and get discouraged because it doesn't look like a...

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