Funshine Library 010: Better Than a Bucket List

Funshine Library 010:  Better Than a Bucket List

The Mistake of a Newbie Stay at Home Mom

The first summer I left my corporate job to stay home with my boys they were 4 and 6 years old.  I was out of my mind with the anticipation of fun we would have.  I couldn’t wait to make our summer bucket list together like all the other Pinterest moms.  So we sat down with that blank paper and some markers and a world of possibilities. But then, the kids had some really unrealistic things they wanted on the list.  And the list got really long, not to mention expensive, if we were to actually do it all.  I started to feel pressure to check things off the list…almost like a to-do list of chores.  Yuck!  That’s not what summer is supposed to be like.  By the end of summer, I looked at that bucket list, and the things that we never did, and I was disappointed.  It felt a bit like I failed to fulfill our dreams of the perfect summer together.  So...I vowed to never make a summer bucket list again! 

Alternative to Summer Bucket List with free printable

So Much Better than a Bucket List

Instead, we do something waaaay better that preserves the carefree vibe that I want in our summers together.  We make a Summer Fun list.  We write down all of the fun things we do, right after we do them.  They are the big things like vacations and trips to the zoo, and they are the small things like eating ice cream cones in the back yard and going for family bike rides.  At the end of summer, we have a list of the fun memories we created together.   I love this and the kids love it too!


Gratitude: The Unexpected Side Effect of Our New Tradition

Something amazing happened when we started this.  Instead of feeling like we needed to do “all the things,” we began to practice gratitude every day.  The kids started to look forward to writing something on the list.  They became more mindful of what we were doing and started looking for the little moments that were list-worthy. We frequently read the previous entries when we added new ones, and smiled just thinking about it.  We used a piece of plain paper on a clipboard that we kept in the kitchen for easy access.  So simple, but so meaningful.

To make it a little more fun this year, I made a free printable template that I want to share with all of you.  It’s full of blank lines waiting to be filled in with summer memories.  If the idea of a bucket list brings you stress, give this a try and I think you’ll like it.  

Pinterest is still there for ideas if you have a day where you just don’t know what to do, but I think you’ll find that you can easily fill your summer days with fun even without a bucket list. 

Download it, print it, use it and share it.  Have fun! 

Summer Fun List for download

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