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Funshine Library 009: Dixie Cup Towers

It was cold and rainy outside and we needed something to do.  I never dreamed a package of Dixie Cups could cause so much laughter.  My kids are incapable of fake smiling this well....they were having a blast!  

  • How big can you make a tower?  
  • How tall can you make a tower in 60 seconds?  
  • Throw something at it to knock it down.  
When you're done, nothing wasted.  The cups go back into the bathroom cabinet.  Have fun!

Funshine Library Paper Cup Towers

The Funshine Library has kid-tested activities to help you enjoy little moments with your kids.  These activities don't require a trip to the craft store or an hour of prep-time....because fun shouldn't be complicated.  Find more ideas here, then go spark some creativity and laughter. Glimmer

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