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Funshine Library 008: Sidewalk Chalk...But Better

My kids remembered this activity from last summer and wanted to do it again last night. It's SO SIMPLE, I just had to share it with you. Keep it in mind when you hear the nails-on-the-chalkboard whining sound of ....I'm bored.  This is easy. 

  • Draw objects in a theme of your choice (we did Under the Sea, but you could do flowers, outer space, sports, or simple shapes).
  • Write a point value next to each drawing.
  • Take turns standing behind a line and throwing a rock or bean bag at different drawings.
  • Add up your score.
  • Play again and again.  

I can't even believe how many times my kids wanted to do this! 

Funshine Library Sidewalk Chalk

The Funshine Library has kid-tested activities to help you enjoy little moments with your kids.  These activities don't require a trip to the craft store or an hour of prep-time....because fun shouldn't be complicated.  Find more ideas here, then go spark some creativity and laughter. Glimmer

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