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Funshine Library 006: Find-It With a Flashlight

When the weather is cold and it's dark before dinnertime, here's a fun activity that you can do over and over through the indoor months of winter: Find it with a Flashlight. I used Lego guys because we have 10 million of them, you can use any small item that you have multiples.

  • Hide the objects in a room.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Have the kids search for the items using a flashlight .
Kids find flashlights so fascinating. Make the hiding places easier or harder; make the room darker or lighter, based on their age. Try it! I bet they will want to do it again! 

Funshine Library Flashlight Games

The Funshine Library has kid-tested activities to help you enjoy little moments with your kids.  These activities don't require a trip to the craft store or an hour of prep-time....because fun shouldn't be complicated.  Find more ideas here, then go spark some creativity and laughter. Glimmer

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