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Funshine Library 002: Animal Guessing Game

It has entertained us through hundreds of meals and car rides. Seriously. One person thinks of an animal and doesn’t tell anyone. Other players ask questions about the animal that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Keep going until someone guesses the animal.

Easy, right? But my kids love it and never get tired of playing it.  The game has grown with the kids too. It started with basic questions and common animals. Now they try to think of exotic animals and ask questions like…. Is the animal native to Australia? Is it oviparous?

You may need to help out the younger players so they can answer the Y/N questions correctly.  But once you play a few times, they will surprise you by asking really great questions and making good guesses. Little smarty pants!  And just wait for the look of delight when they correctly guess another person’s animal. Have fun!

Game to play at the dinner table or in the car....no supplies required

The Funshine Library has kid-tested activities to help you enjoy little moments with your kids.  These activities don't require a trip to the craft store or an hour of prep-time....because fun shouldn't be complicated.  Find more ideas here, then go spark some creativity and laughter.Glimmer

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