Funshine Library

Funshine Library Paper Cup Towers

Funshine Library 009: Dixie Cup Towers

It was cold and rainy outside and we needed something to do.  I never dreamed a package of Dixie Cups could cause so much laughter.  My kids are incapable of fake smiling this well....they were having a blast!   How big...

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Funshine Library Popcorn Games

Funshine Library 005: Popcorn Games

So much fun with a bowl of popcorn. Giggle-inducing silliness. I love how the simplest things can be so fun. My kids loved every one of these: Who can throw a piece of popcorn the farthest? Standing on a chair,...

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Avalon Funshine Crayon Leaf Rubbing

Funshine Library 004: Crayon Leaf Rubbing

I know this project has been done pretty much since crayons were invented, but just a reminder to make crayon leaf rubbings with your kids if you haven't done it recently.  All you need are paper, crayons and a couple...

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Funshine Library Animal Guessing Game

Funshine Library 002: Animal Guessing Game

It has entertained us through hundreds of meals and car rides. Seriously. One person thinks of an animal and doesn’t tell anyone. Other players ask questions about the animal that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Keep going until...

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Funshine Library Monster Mash up

Funshine Library 001: Monster Mash-Up

In my house, we call this activity Monster Mash-up and it is so simple!  You can even do it at a restaurant while you wait for the food to come and the kids are getting unruly.  One person draws a...

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