Cake Gallery: Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

Cake Gallery: Dreaming of a Pink Christmas

I believe, in the core of my soul, that the color pink should be part of every single holiday.  Being the only female in my house, I'm absolutely overruled, but a girl can dream....of a Pink Christmas. 

Pink Christmas Cake Topper

I want to show you how easy it is to decorate a cute cake like this in just a few minutes.  Seriously, so simple.  I started with a basic spice cake and cinnamon buttercream frosting, but go with whatever kind of wintery cake flavor sounds best to you. The three important parts are: 

1. Pepperidge Farm Gingerman cookies (from my local Target store). 

2. Neon Yolk sprinkle mix!  I'll link you to the one I used here in case you want to snag a bag for yourself:  Christmas Cookies Sprinkle Mix.  

3.  Merry & Bright cake topper in pink & green from Avalon Sunshine.  You can order one right here: Pink Merry & Bright Christmas Cake Topper

Spice cake with frosting

Here we go...just start adding the cute little gingermen to the side of the cake.  The Pepperidge Farm brand of cookies worked particularly well because the cookies are not too tall.  The little guys are only about 2.5 inches high so they fit perfectly on the side of the cake.  If they seem like they want to fall over, add a little dab of fresh frosting on the back of the cookie before you sitck it to the cake. 

Spice cake with frosting and gingerbread cookies  Spice cake with frosting and gingerbread cookies  Spice cake with frosting and gingerbread cookies

This Neon Yolk Sprinkle Mix is just too perfect!   It even has itty-bitty, sparkly gingerbread man sprinkles.  I die from the cuteness!

Neon Yolk sprinkles

So...add those sprinkles to the cake however you want.  When you think you're done, go ahead and add a few more.  Trust me....more is more in this case.  

Spice cake with frosting and gingerbread cookies

And finally....the cake topper!!!  It's fun to add a cute message to the top of the cake but it also adds height....bringing that beautiful cake the attention that it deserves! This is where you can order your cake topper:  Pink Merry & Bright Christmas Cake Topper. 

Pink Merry and Bright Christmas Cake Topper

Hoping your Christmas is Merry & Bright!! 

Avalon Sunshine cake toppers are the easiest way to decorate your cake without any stress or decorating skills.  They work great for traditional and non-traditional cakes...home-baked and store bought cakes.  Find a bunch of simple and fun decorating ideas here, then go plan the best party ever!